L.E.A.D. Your Membership to Multiply, Part 4 – Develop

L.E.A.D. Your Membership to Multiply, Part 4 - Develop

Can I ask you a question?  What are you developing right now? 

Maybe, an even better question is, who are you developing right now?


There are three key areas of development that you should always be aware of and have an intentional plan to develop.

  • Yourself
  • Those Around You
  • Your Business

There’s already a great deal written on goal setting. My point isn’t to elaborate or even repeat what you may have already heard, but rather to challenge you.

I call it The 100 Goal Challenge. It’s a challenge someone once gave me and one that I’ve repeated over the years and used with my members and private clients.

It’s simple – write out 100 goals. While it may sound simple, you will probably find the process a little more daunting. Somewhere around goal 37 you’ll likely find yourself thinking, “I still need to write 63 more goals.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson suggested, “The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions.” 

This process is about stretching you more so than it is about setting out to achieve all 100 goals. 

However, you’ll be surprised at how many of those goals you can actually accomplish just by having written them and having set your mind to intentionally accomplish them.

What goals can you set for yourself? For those around you? And for your business?

What is your intentional plan to make those goals happen?

If you want to learn how to develop those goals, you can’t rely on experience alone. You must rely on evaluated experience of both your victories and your losses.

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