Make Outcomes Not Offers

Make Outcomes Not Offers

Is it possible to dramatically increase sales by making one simple adjustment to your marketing?


One of the most common mistakes I see with many high-ticket offers is they are selling the wrong thing.

Instead of explaining what your high-ticket offer is, think about the outcome that you want to provide your prospects.

Even better, what is the outcome your prospect desires from your high-ticket offer?

Sell your high-ticket offer based on the outcome.

Take a typical “offer-focused” program for example, they will sell their high-ticket offer based on what the members will get:

  • Monthly group training
  • Weekly phone calls
  • Access to the membership site
  • Quarterly meetings
  • Access to resources and tools

But the membership that is based on the outcome for their members promote:

  • You’re going to grow your business.
  • You’re going to have more time with your family.
  • You’re going to live stress-free.
  • You’re going to enjoy the life you’ve dreamed about.

All of those things their prospects desire, they’re painting that outcome, that picture for their prospects.

So how are you doing that in your high-ticket offer? What is the outcome that your prospects desire? And does your sales page actually communicate it?

Think about that. I mean, you’re a coach and your program provides a number of different outcomes. Some of you provide better health. Some of you provide better finances. Some of you provide better relationships. Others, it’s more money, more meaning, greater significance, a sense of achievement. All of those things. You have a great program and you provide a great outcome.

So don’t sell your high-ticket offer based upon the tools, the membership site, the events, the gatherings, whatever it may be.

Sell it based upon the outcome that your prospects desire.

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