Get New Members, Increase Retention and Keep People From Quitting Your Membership Program

Growing and building a Membership Program requires a shift away from an old way of doing business.

The old way of doing business means you get a member and hope they stay in your program. You “hope” for new members every month and chase old members to come back. It’s hectic, unpredictable and a hard way to do business.

That’s why I’m excited to share with you the Seven Systems of a Growing Membership Business.

These seven systems that I’ve identified will help you serve your members in a way that will save you stress, time, energy and money. By simply implementing these systems, you can multiply your income and stop chasing after new customers.

This new approach to a membership business allows you to produce recurring income, greater value and service to your members, resulting in predictable income and sales… EVERY SINGLE MONTH.

As the former President of Church Leader Insights, the largest coaching network for pastors (growing from 72 pastors to over 3,000 pastors every year), I’ve helped build a membership business and implemented first-hand everything I’ll share with you.

During that time, I identified the Seven Systems and learned how to make those systems healthy so that our membership program would grow.

Fact: Healthy Things Grow

It’s a fact of nature, healthy things grow. When the systems of your body are healthy and working together, you’re healthy. When even just one of the systems of your body are unhealthy, you have some sort of disease or DIS-EASE.

When these Seven Systems Are Healthy, You Have a Growing Membership Business.

I will help you:

  • Create predictable, self-generating revenue streams
  • Compound the profits from your Membership Program — without advertising or working harder
  • Turn ordinary customers into loyal members who stay and pay
  • Ethically STOP members from canceling with simple scripts and systems
  • See the results in 90 days — or less

The Secret?
Seven Systems Of a Growing Membership Business

Screenshot - Seven Systems
You’ll discover:
– What to provide
– How to provide
– How often to provide
– How to keep members staying and paying by over-delivering on your promises – without overworking!

You’ll have a complete step-by-step process that will help you to know when, what and how often to deliver to your members.

No more frustration and guesswork of knowing what you’re going to do for your members.

This learning module will show you how to you get members to become fully-engaged in your program, so they stay for the long-haul.

There are specific steps you must take to assimilate your members. I’ll guide you through each of these steps and ensure that when a member joins, we’re giving them the best opportunity to stay for the long-haul.

I’ll give you specific tips and tools of what you can do to deliver your members what they need in the first:
• Hour
• Day
• Week
• Month
• Quarter
• Six Months
• Year

You lock in “members for life” when you on-board them the right way. It’s as simple as that.

This learning module will help you attract prospects with your marketing, nurture them and get them to become members.

I’ll share with you 3 core marketing beliefs:
– Marketing is the most important activity you do in your business
– Marketing is never something you finish learning, it’s an ongoing education
– The difference between ordinary and extraordinary income is implementation

I’ll give you the five C’s of marketing a membership business:

Crowd: Identifying your target market and developing your “Unique Selling Proposition” (USP) so you can attract them to your membership.

Continuity: We’ll convert prospects to members and get them in your membership program. We’ll make sure that your marketing matches your membership.

But we can’t stop there! We have to build a –

Community: You have to market to your members and build your membership into a community. You have to create a relationship with your members.

Committed: We’ll develop “next steps” for your members to take to increase their loyalty to your membership. We’ll also identify new revenue streams that exist in your membership program.

Core: These are the members at the heart of your membership program. These are your raving fans. These are the people who bring you referrals and add other people to your program.

Here’s what I know – it is easy to see cancellations happen and immediately venture out to get as many new members as possible to try to make up for it.

When that happens, you’re on the hamster wheel of running harder just to keep up. There’s a BETTER way.

You see, the fastest way to increase your revenue by double-digit percentages is to lower your churn rate, thereby increasing the lifetime value of every member.

We’ll make sure that we have a pathway for people to follow so that they don’t lose interest in your program and quit.

I’ll help you deliver a “Quick Win” for your members so that they can see immediate results from their membership program.

We’ll combat the quitter, increase the “pain of disconnect”, build a relationship and increase results for your members.

You do these things, there’s no reason a person would quit your membership program!

This is where we’ll focus on ascension, descension, retention and achievement within your membership program.

If you’re going to have a membership program you need to have a way that members can progress through their membership. Creating an ascension model for your program will help your members and increase your revenue.

Plus, before you let a member quit, there should be a descension process in place to help them through whatever barrier they may be facing that is causing them to quit.

To have a healthy ascension system you must have:
• Ascension
• Descension
• Retention
• Achievement

What tweaks can we make to increase membership, increase retention, reduce cancellations and create more profit. We’ll constantly look for opportunities and new ventures to provide your members.

Are there new products, services, events that you can provide your members that will benefit them and better serve the goals of your membership program.

I’ll share with you proven strategies for:
• Membership pricing
• Member acquisition
• Ascension
• Tracking Retention (and what to do at the chokepoints)
• Evaluating your membership program
• Staffing your growing membership business

Developing your personal leadership so that you can lead your members.

John Maxwell says, “He that thinketh he leadeth, and hath no one following, is only taking a walk.” If you’re all alone as a leader, are you really leading? Losing touch with your people is a huge leadership landmine. It will damage your credibility and destroy your influence. How do you avoid losing touch?

I’ll help you grow as a leader.

Remember – Healthy Things Grow.

Keep Your Members And Grow Your Profits For Years.
The Systems Are The Solution

Show me a growing business, and I’ll show you growing leaders. If you want your business to grow, you must grow.

So how will I help you?

I’ll guide you through each system. You’ll get a private membership site with all the course materials, downloads and instructions. You’ll be able to follow along and learn at your own pace with each online module.

Each system is comprised of several short video trainings. You can listen online, download the audios and transcripts. Summaries are also provided for your convenience and to help guide you after you’ve enjoyed the session.

Plus, you get to keep all these systems online for as long as you’re a member.

You will receive ongoing membership coaching every month!

You’ll be able to participate in live coaching via conference call where I’ll continue to coach you on your membership business. Plus, I’ll answer your questions with a live Q&A.

So as you go through the materials and you have questions about your specific site, you’ll be able to get the clarity you need for applying everything you (or your team) are learning.

Plus, if you’re ever stuck and need an immediate answer you’ll be able to refer to the growing FAQ vault which contains answers to the most common questions that others ask.


You can always ask your question and get instant answers from the private Facebook Group – usually within minutes. You’ll be able to interact, engage and tap into the wisdom of other membership business owners in a wide variety of niche markets… who themselves are all launching, growing or scaling membership businesses.

Imagine being able to connect with other students and sharing best practices. From beginners who are just starting to seasoned experts who have already launched their membership business to the seasoned owners who have established 7 and even 8-figure membership businesses.

Now Turn Ordinary Customers Into
Members For Life. I Will Be Your Guide

Scott Whitaker - Seven SystemsTo be clear, I’m not giving you some random thoughts or ideas. I’m handing you a proven system.

It’s based on my experience working with membership business owners and during my time running a membership network for pastors.

It’s based on my real-world experience of being in the trenches growing a membership business from six figures to seven figures.

And it’s based on the hours and hours I spend every month consulting high level entrepreneurs in all kinds of niche markets.
These are the exact strategies and ideas you need to launch, build and grow a highly profitable, low-stress membership business. And the best part, I’m going to be with you every step of the way.

Now it’s decision time.

Are you ready to step up into something bigger than yourself? Are you ready to start your membership business? Or dramatically grow your current membership business?

What would you do with that bigger income? Live a bigger, more fulfilling life? Spend more time with the people you love? Take more time off? Travel? Make a bigger impact in the world?

If you know that anything is possible with the right systems, the right support and total focus and commitment, then this is for you.

But Wait.
This May Not Be For You

This is not for you if you’re looking to get rich quick. If you’re looking for a ‘scheme’ or some MLM shortcut to separating people from their money, please leave now!

And this is not for the lazy. You will be building a membership business. Business requires work. If you’re not ready to put in some serious effort, this is NOT for you.

But if you’ve got a genuine desire to launch, grow and build a membership business …

… I will give you the systems to get it done.

Let’s Do Some Fun Math:

If you add just 5 new members a month, you’re growing your program by 60 people a year. And your numbers may look like these:

If you gain 5 new members every month, you will have
new members

Multiplied over 12 months
Monthly Payments

Multiplied by just $199 a month
new revenue

That’s just an example. Your results may be higher, like the 7- and 8-figure businesses I’ve worked with. Or your results may be less.

But I think you’ll agree. You can reach your goals faster when you follow a proven system, instead of trying to make it up as you go along. But don’t believe me …

Here’s What Others Are Saying

“It’s not an exaggeration to say that this network wouldn’t exist without Scott Whitaker. After hearing me say for years that I wanted to build a network for renegade pastors, he finally cornered me (literally) in a hotel lobby in Southern California and told me it was time to put action behind my words (at least that’s what I heard him say; I’m sure he was more tactful). Two months later, The Renegade Pastors Network was born. Thank you, Scott!”Nelson Searcy, Founder of The Renegade Pastors Network and Church Leader Insights
“In just 24 hours our membership conversions went from 14% to 71% with one simple tweak that Scott made.”Bill Heid, President Heirloom Audio
For me, writing and developing content for my newly formed coaching program has been one of the things that has held me back from launching sooner.
After discussing my dilemma with Scott, he rather quickly over the phone helped me categorize and calendar the content I had previously created to develop the “Seven Keys to Building a Better Dental Practice.”
The good news was I didn’t have to create anything new taking up more of my time. As a full time practicing periodontist, time is money.
Scott gave me a simple and easy solution to organize content what I thought was hidden, and now can use to coach Periodontists with the “Perio Success Academy.”
Dr. Jeff Anzalone, Founder of Perio Success Academy

You Do Have Options,
But This is the Only One that Will:

Seven Systems of a Membership Business Course and Coaching Two Month Investment Plan


Plus, two free months of coaching. Just $297 each following month (no long-term commitment!)
  • 8 Learning Modules ($3,295 Value)
  • Monthly Coaching Call ($497 Value)
  • Private Membership Group ($497 Value)
  • Full-Access Online Membership Site ($597 Value)
  • Private Documents and Preferred Providers ($297 Value)
  • Unlimited Email Access to Me and My Team ($997 Value)
Total Value: $6,180
Just Two Monthly Investments of $1297!


Get Your Systems and Coaching Now!

And you can’t make a mistake here, thanks to my …

Guarantee Image100% Risk-Free, Moneyback Guarantee
Don’t decide today. Take a full 60 days to put my systems to the test. Watch your new members pour in, see the recurring revenues fill your bank account, and then decide.

If you’re not 100% delighted with my 7 Systems of a Growing Membership Business, at any time during the next 60 days, simply send me an email, show me what you’ve implemented, and you’ll receive a prompt, courteous refund. No hassles, no fine print, and no weasel words.

I stand firmly behind these 7 Systems. And the same goes for your investment.

That means you have nothing to lose and a whole new profitable business to gain. Why wouldn’t you say Yes to this risk-free offer?

Take The Next Step, While There’s Time

Because I deliver highly personalized help in this program, access is strictly limited. As soon as I reach capacity for the month, I have to shut the doors for at least 30 days so that everyone can get full value. My apologies in advance if that happens and someone else nudges you out for a spot!

Here’s what to do now: Choose your option below and activate your 60-day Risk-Free Trial

Seven Systems of a Membership Business Course and Coaching Two Month Investment Plan


Plus, two free months of coaching. Just $297 each following month (no long-term commitment!)
  • 8 Learning Modules ($3,295 Value)
  • Monthly Coaching Call ($497 Value)
  • Private Membership Group ($497 Value)
  • Full-Access Online Membership Site ($597 Value)
  • Private Documents and Preferred Providers ($297 Value)
  • Unlimited Email Access to Me and My Team ($997 Value)
Total Value: $6,180
Just Two Monthly Investments of $1297!


Get Your Systems and Coaching Now!

I Will Be Here To Support You ALL THE WAY

Scott Whitaker

Enroll now, use the systems, and watch your bank account grow with new profits every month.

In the end, it’s not really about more money and profits, although those are nice. It’s about more predictable revenue … fewer money worries … and more freedom.

Take the next step.

Choose your option above and activate your 60-day Risk-Free Trial now.

Scott Whitaker