Member Retention Tips

It can be an exciting experience for a membership business owner to finally win over that new member, not least because it demonstrates the worth of strategies and campaigns.

The downside to this is that focusing too heavily on winning new members can have the unintentional result of leaving existing members feeling dissatisfied and forgotten. There is no point in winning new members if you are going to lose your existing client base, meaning that the retention of current members should be a major factor for all membership companies.

One tip to ensure member retention is to constantly evolve what you are offering them. Continue to demonstrate value to long-term members by asking them what they want to do next and how you can help them to achieve it.

Customer research is a vital tool to help toward member retention. Qualitative data is great but insufficient for gaining the full picture, while research from a third party who is more objective can frequently be the kind of input desperately needed by a brand. Overlaying your company’s data with that gained from third parties can result in a much greater understanding of your members.

Your relationship with your members is what becomes the iron fence that will keep your competitors out.

The stronger your relationship plus the greater the results you provide for your members the more difficult it will be for your members to quit your membership program.

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