Never Stop Marketing

Never Stop Marketing

As you turn up the volume and create buzz and demand for your membership… getting in front of more and more of your right-fit members… it’s important that you never stop marketing your membership.

There’s the acronym ABS, Always Be Selling, but I prefer Always Be Marketing, because marketing isn’t always about selling. Marketing can also be about providing value and building relationships with your prospects.

The challenge lies in making that happen consistently.

A Failure to Communicate

What happens all too often is you open up your computer, hoping to write an email to send to your audience, or to create a post for your social media. But then you get stuck because you’re just not sure what to write.

I don’t want you to be panicked about this. Since I’m all about systems, let’s save you stress, time, energy, and money with my simple system to keep your membership program in front of your ideal prospective members through email.

First I want you to realize something important…

You may already have an email list right now, but it’s possible that you’ve not been sending regular email to this audience. The problem of not staying in regular touch is that you lose credibility with your audience.

I saw somebody post in a Facebook group recently that it had been three months since they’d logged into their CRM. Come to find out, somebody or some glitch had totally deleted all of their contacts.

I remember thinking, honestly, those contacts might as well have been deleted because if that person hadn’t communicated in over three months, they’ve almost certainly lost all credibility.

Think about it. If you last received an email three months ago from someone you met online and downloaded something from, when their name suddenly appears in your inbox you might be wondering, “Why am I getting this email? Who is this person?

Studies show that by emailing your audience more frequently, you’ll actually increase the engagement with them through your email marketing.

But the emails you send have to be good ones. (And I’m going to give you examples of how to make sure your emails are really good.) When you only email your audience once every 2 or 3 weeks, decreasing your engagement with them, your open rates actually decrease as well.

Ultimately you end up getting more and more opt-outs from your list. And when people do open your email, they wonder, “Who is this person?” They then opt-out as well.

A lot of people out there are fearful of opt-outs, and I get it, but you don’t need to be afraid of them. When somebody opts out of my list, I’m grateful because they’ve identified themself as somebody I’m not going to be able to help.

Having said that, when you don’t communicate regularly, you lose out on converting the prospects who were your right-fit people into future members. Let that be a driving factor to motivate you to send out better emails so you can get more members.

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