Old Membership Methods vs New Membership Path

Membership methods have changed!

It used to be that you could:
1) Create a membership site
2) Add content
3) Sell it
4) Send people a ‘box o’ stuff’
5) Get on the phone or send a newsletter each month

Times have changed!

If you’re still doing any of the above, you’re in danger. The crash is rapidly approaching.

Instead, you of doing the same old thing and expecting greater results, you need to:

1) Define your membership path. Who is this for?

Who is this NOT for?
What are the primary reasons someone would want to join your membership?

People want a toolbox, a path to follow, a community and a philosophy that they can believe in.

2) Create the path.
People will pay you for clarity and a path to follow that brings them results.

Show them the milestones they will overcome with your guidance. Give them the tangible results that you can bring as you journey together.

3) Create your Member Value Proposition
People don’t know what they want. They only know what they DON’T WANT.

Create an irresistible offer that will give them the opportunity to get on your path.

4) Put the path to work.
Answer the question – what do you want your members to do first?

Determine three things that will have the biggest impact on their membership retention. These can include:

  • –  Activating their membership
  • –  Completing their business profile or a membership survey
  • –  Register and attend an event

If you’re not doing all these things – you’re in for a membership crash and it will be painful!

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