One Rule To Properly Position Yourself Over Your Competitors

One Rule To Properly Position Yourself Over Your Competitors

One of the reasons people cancel their membership and one that you’ve probably heard is, “I have found something else.” Many times, a member is not going to tell you they’re leaving you for your competitor. Instead, they just say, “Hey, I’ve found something else.”

They don’t want to let you know that they’re cheating on you with somebody else. They’re just going to communicate, “You know, I found something else. I’m going to go in a different direction.”

This response usually just comes up after a little prodding in a conversation. You think to yourself, “Are you going to go with my competitor? Are you going to go down the street to somebody else?” But after a time, it usually comes to the surface, “I’m going to try this membership program out over here.”

One rule you should always follow is this: never belittle your competition.

When you do, you’re actually belittling your client and hurting your own reputation.

Here are three reasons why you shouldn’t belittle your competitors in front of your members:

  1. If your members try out your competitors, they may not return back to your coaching program.
    When a member leaves, they’re usually not leaving over a personal matter. They’re leaving to see if and how they can get greater success. A great member is a lifelong learner. They may go to your competitor to learn more and if you belittle that competitor, they may not return back to you.
  2. Your members may have friends who are in that competitors coaching program. There’s no need to make your members feel like they’re at odds with their friends. This puts your members in a defensive position because they know someone who is in the other coaching program.
  3. It’s a reflection of a scarcity mentality. When you live a life of abundance you recognize there’s a place in the market for both you and your competitors. When you belittle your competitors to your members you’re demonstrating a scarcity mentality.

Overall, there’s a place for competition in business.  You should be competing against yourself and your competitors so that you’ll continually improve your coaching program.  This isn’t about competing in business, it’s about your words and belittling your competition to your members and the negative impact it has on them.

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