One Way To Sign Up

One Way To Sign Up

Can I give you a quick tip on how to sell more of your membership?

Here it is: Have multiple offers, giving people different opportunities to sign up for your membership.

Most membership businesses only have one way, one offer. They say, “here’s my membership, will you join?”

But when you make multiple offers, you attract multiple people.

Here are some examples of multiple offers you can make with your membership:

  • Offer the first month at half-off
  • Offer a gift or bonus when people sign up for your membership
  • Create a “flash sale” on the first month of membership
  • Offer the first two months for the price of one
  • Create an option for people to add the membership to any purchase

Different offers will attract different prospects.

Too many times people sell their membership based one offer. Just one way to join the membership.

And when you do that, you exclude other ideal prospective members from experiencing your membership.

The goal is to give people an inside look of what your program can do for them.

Give people the opportunity to experience membership before having to fully commit to being a member.

And when you do that, you’ll sell more memberships.

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