Other Ways to Add to Your Content Catalog

Other Ways to Add to Your Catalog

If you’re finding out that your content catalog isn’t as full as you would like it to be, here are some sources you may want to check out.

  • AnswerThePublic.com lets you type in questions about your specific subject matter and will let you know all the things that people are asking about around that topic on the internet. You’ll see all sorts of questions pertaining to it. Also, you’ll see what people are searching for when they go to Google.

These search terms are invaluable. Some of those topics might help you understand the internal problems people are having, as well as their external problems, through questions they want to get answered. All of this information will help you learn and discern what you can provide to your members.

  • Facebook Groups: Search Facebook for groups that contain your right-fit members. No! Don’t SPAM the group or try to leech off members from the group. Instead, observe their comments. Read the questions they’re asking. What are their struggles? What are their victories?

Let me say again, your primary purpose is to observe and learn. Nothing else! That Facebook Group doesn’t belong to you.

  • Amazon.com: I love going to Amazon and checking out the book section. You can pull up well-known authors who are experts in the specific field that you’re going to be building a membership around.

Here’s how you do it. Search for the “top 100 books” around your topic. Then scroll down to the comments and review section. Check out the comments people are saying and read the reviews they are leaving. Readers reveal how that book helped them overcome a problem or helped them to see a solution or helped them to experience a transformation. (You’ll also find a lot of great sales copy in those comments as well.)

All of a sudden, you can discover exactly what your audience desires to join.

Some of these authors, by the way, have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on research. Yet you can just piggyback off their hard work that they’ve already put in by writing that book.

Just read the comments. You share the same audience, so why not? The answers are already out there.

  • Quora.com: Quora may not be applicable for every membership, but for some, there are threads and discussion boards taking place around a particular topic that will be of infinite use to you. Why not read some of those discussion boards?

Just beware. There are a lot of negative discussion boards, but you’ll find people encouraging other people out there as well. Consider how you can create services, products, or courses around the problems your market needs to solve.

  • Medium.com: Search for articles that people are writing about your particular subject. You might also find that you could build a relationship with the person who wrote that article and get them to provide content for your members.

There are many online sources available to you. Back in 2006 when I helped start my first membership, we didn’t have all the expansive resources of Facebook, LinkedIn, and social media. We couldn’t go to Amazon or AnswerThePublic.com or Medium.com to quickly find out what people were wanting.

To get to know our audience, we had to connect with them on a personal level. You can still do the same… but now it’s so easy! You can simply go out on Facebook and ask a question.

Also don’t be afraid to meet people outside of your sphere of influence. All these sources are available to you and make it super easy to uncover your personal genius and to discern what offerings you can provide your membership.

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