Overcome The Tug

Overcome The Tug

“You need to overcome the tug of people against you as you reach for high goals.” – George S. Patton

Some might consider planning for 2021 a pretty easy thing to do considering what all has happened this past year. Doesn’t take much to improve on a year like that.”

There’s a real danger in thinking it doesn’t take much to improve upon 2020.

The danger of setting goals too small, setting goals that you know are certain to be accomplished.

Instead what if you planned goals so big, so daring that you had no choice but to reach them.

One of my habits is to write 100 Goals.

I choose 10 areas of my life (personal, physical, relational, marriage, parent, financial, business, spiritual, educational, experience/entertainment, etc.) and then I write 10 goals for each.

When I’m done, I have 100 goals.

People have often asked me about this process, so I decided to record a podcast for you.

Episode 81: 100 Goals

Go here to catch this week’s episode of the More Members Now Podcast.

And if you’re asking, “Why would you plan for 100 Goals? There’s no way you can accomplish them all.”

Then you definitely need to go give it a listen.

It’s not always the goals you set, it’s who you become in striving toward the goals!

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