Pricing Your High Ticket Offer

Pricing Your High Ticket Offer

How do I price my high ticket offer?

I get that question a lot.

It’s a challenge that many people struggle with. And because of that, most end up undercharging for their coaching.

Most people just want me throw out a number as a way of validating what they’re already charging.

Instead, I give them to strategies to consider.

Here they are:


This is where you price your membership HIGH so that you can focus on providing a GREATER OUTCOME for your members. This enables you to serve less people, providing the greatest and best outcome.


This is where you price your membership LOW so that you can focus on serving MORE MEMBERS. The goal is to have a broader impact on more people.

And here’s the thing. . .

Neither of these strategies are wrong.

It all depends on the goal you desire to have.

These two pricing strategies are the same reason why most high ticket memberships have less people than low ticket memberships.

The greater the price, the fewer members so you can have a deeper outcome.

The lower the price, the more members, so you can have a broader impact.

So, which is the right path for you?

What do you desire to do for your members?

Just be sure to price accordingly.

Don’t see yourself short.

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