Quick question – Why should I . . .

Quick question for you – why should I join your membership program?

Can you and your staff quickly give the unique selling proposition (USP) that your membership offers?

More than likely your staff will start listing what people will receive with their membership and not the benefits or desired outcome that people will experience with their membership.

So, do you have a clearly defined USP?

Below are some tips from Dan Kennedy in clarifying your USP:

1) What do you do great?

2) How will it benefit your target market? (Benefits not features)

3) Does it clearly identify your target market?

4) What void in the marketplace can you fulfill?

5) Is it short and easy to repeat?

6) Does it lead to a conversation?

7) Do you have a great guarantee?

8) Is it believable?

9) Do you make a big promise?

10) What do people hate that you’re going to fix?

11) What do your members experience?

12) Do you have a target niche?

It is very easy to just rely on your membership features and recite what your members will get with their membership.

However, there’s too much competition for your potential member’s time, energy and money. They will most likely find those features with your competitor.

That’s where a good coach comes in.

I build and grow membership programs for entrepreneurs guaranteed to multiply income in 90 days or less.

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