Relationships Inside Your Membership

There’s a key role that relationships play in building your membership business.

I was meeting with a private client yesterday, working on a multi-million dollar membership business and I shared with him that your members are looking for a relationship.

Some of the types of relationships include:

  • Affinity – feeling like they’re part of something bigger than themselves
  • Networking – meeting others who are just like them, doing what they do
  • Friendships/Connections – they’re looking for a social outlet
  • “At the Top” – this is the relationship that some members and some membership businesses have where people want to be associated with the person(s) who leads that specific membership business.

All of these are important to your membership business.


Because, your members are looking for these types of relationships. And not every member is looking for the same type.

When your members find these relationships, they’re going to connect and take ownership of their membership.

They’ll also stay longer, which increases your retention rate.

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