Repurpose Your Content

Repurpose Your Content

Let’s imagine you just prepared some content for your membership in the form of a handout. You could take that exact same information and repurpose it into a blog post. Or you could teach it live, either online or in-person. Or you could prepare a video.

Why should you repurpose this content? Because if you don’t, your members probably won’t be able to really learn it.

As humans we need to hear and see and do things multiple times before we truly integrate it into our lives. Additionally, different people learn in different ways – so having content that is written is great for some, while others will do better if they hear it. Still other members will need to interact kinesthetically to learn. Therefore, it’s your duty to repurpose your content so you can best help your members.

Once you’ve considered how to repurpose smaller content pieces like articles or handouts, now let’s consider the possibilities for content you provide that’s of a larger scope.

Let’s say you have amassed a dozen articles, or created content that teaches numerous steps or processes. You could:

  • Turn it into a masterclass
  • Turn it into a podcast
  • Take that masterclass or podcast and get it transcribed, and then turn the combined content into an e-book

Once you have your initial content created, challenge yourself to look at each piece of content with fresh eyes. How could you repurpose it over and over again?

Your members need this from you. Don’t presume that just because you taught it once, they actually learned it all the first time.

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