Two Tools to Increase Retention

There are two tools you have in your arsenal to keep people from quitting your membership program.


Let’s take a look at the first – RESULTS:

When you get your members results and they see their success tied to your membership program, they’ll be hard to lose.

You’ll make them a fan. They’ll see their achievement is tied to what you’re providing and the direction you’re taking them.

But RESULTS don’t stand alone. You have to have a RELATIONSHIP.

When you tie the results to a relationship with you – it will keep your competitors at a distance.

Let’s face it, your competitors can produce results too. Maybe not to the same extent that you can but they produce results.

Your relationship with your members is what becomes the iron fence that will keep your competitors out.

The stronger your relationship plus the greater the results you provide for your members the more difficult it will be for your members to quit your membership program.

That’s why I want to invite you to join me for a FREE training – “Triple Your Membership in 21 Days… And Do It Over and Over Again!”

I’ll share with you more ways to multiply your membership and increase your retention.



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Scott is an expert in creating and building membership programs within businesses, giving greater value to customers and multiplying income. Using his "Seven Systems of a Healthy Membership Program," he will help you get new members, increase retention and structure your membership program for long-term growth.