Revealing Your Authority in Marketing

Revealing Your Authority in Marketing

There are just four types of emails that you need in your email marketing toolbox.

One of them is the “Reveal” email. The “Reveal Email” is meant to reveal your authority by teaching and demonstrating your expertise. It’s an authority builder. It gives you credibility in the eyes of your audience by providing really good content.

Imagine an email not as a mere correspondence, but as a gateway to showcasing your mastery and expertise, all while building a fortress of authority that resonates with your audience. The “Reveal Email” is a transformative approach that breathes life into your outreach efforts.

Much like the pages of a thought-provoking blog post or an engaging article, the “Reveal Email” transforms the conventional email format into a canvas for imparting knowledge and sharing insights. This dynamic method transcends the mundane and invites your readers on a journey of discovery within the confines of their inbox. It’s an email, yes, but it’s also a manifesto of your prowess, a testament to your credibility, and a showcase of your unmatched value.

Why is the “Reveal Email” a game-changer? Picture this: a message that doesn’t just convey information but ignites a spark of curiosity and admiration in your recipients. As the recipient delves into your email, a realization dawns — if this much wisdom is generously offered for free, what uncharted realms of expertise lie within your high-ticket membership? This revelation fuels a desire to explore further, to unravel the treasure trove of insights and experiences awaiting them behind the doors of your exclusive offering.

Embarking on this journey, I recount my own humble beginnings in the realm of email marketing. With a mere 50 individuals on my list, I harnessed the potency of the “Reveal Email.” One recipient found such immense value from one of my emails that they felt compelled to share it with their network. Unbeknownst to them, this act of generosity would culminate in a six-figure partnership, a testament to the authority and excellence that my free emails projected.

I’m not insinuating that every email will beget six-figure clients, but the principle remains steadfast — the value you present without expectations can catalyze opportunities beyond your imagination. Astonishingly, this transformative power often requires no call to action; it’s a silent magnetism that draws seekers of knowledge to your doorstep.

This email, you see, is more than just a string of words and visuals; it’s an opportunity to transcend the confines of a digital message. It’s your chance to enlighten, educate, and elevate. Whether you choose to craft it as an eloquent article, a narrative-rich blog post, or an amalgamation of insights and commentary, the “Reveal Email” is your canvas to weave an intricate tapestry of expertise.

Here’s an example from one of my content emails:

Subject: the difference between prospects and leads

Hey [first name],

Here’s a common mistake. . .

Treating prospects like leads and leads like prospects.

There’s a difference between a prospect and a lead.

A PROSPECT fits your niche of who you’re trying to reach.

PROSPECTS tend to:

  1. Be general audience members who fit your targeted demographics.
  2. Have limited interaction or engagement with you or your high ticket membership offer.
  3. Not yet qualify as potential members.
  4. Require further engagement, marketing and nurturing to determine interest.
  5. Typically located at the top of your sales funnel.

A LEAD is a prospect who has shown interest or taken a specific next step to engage in your offer.

LEADS tend to:

  1. Be specific prospects who have shown an active interest.
  2. Demonstrated engagement through multiple actions like signing up, downloading, or inquiring. (Just because they do it once doesn’t mean they’re a lead. And especially if it’s their first time.)
  3. Pre-qualify themselves for your offer.
  4. More likely to convert into paying members with proper follow-up.
  5. Positioned further down the sales funnel, closer to conversion.

Too many people don’t take the time to nurture the prospect to help them engage and show interest before they start to sell them on their high ticket offer.

It’s almost as if as soon as they get an “opt-in” they think they have a lead when all they really have is a prospect (and that’s only if their marketing is really good.)

I’m not even going to touch on getting opt-ins who don’t qualify as a prospect. I’ll save that for another time.

For now, you might think through your marketing and ask yourself, how are you gaining prospects and what actions do you desire your prospects take in order to become a lead.



Just by sending out the email to my audience, I was able to generate multiple replies.  Imagine that, getting replies to sending a broadcast email to thousands of people?

The “Reveal Email” draws people in and creates a desire to learn more about how they can work with me.

What began as a simple email transforms into a conduit for expertise, a beacon of authority, and a catalyst for growth.

In a world inundated with emails vying for attention, the “Reveal Email” stands out as a beacon of authenticity. It is a testament to the value you bring to the table, the insights you share, and the transformation you can inspire. It’s a reminder that true authority is built not by self-proclamation, but through the tangible impact you make on the lives of those who engage with your content.

As you begin crafting “Reveal Emails,” remember the pivotal lesson from my own journey: the ripples of value you send out can cascade into unforeseen tides of opportunity. A single email, bearing the weight of your wisdom, can reach souls you never anticipated and beckon them to explore the depths of your membership offerings.

Whether you choose to weave stories, provide practical guidance, or offer insightful commentary, let each “Reveal Email” be a testament to your dedication to excellence. Let it be a window into your world, a world rich with expertise, authenticity, and unmatched value.

Craft your “Reveal Emails” with care, infuse them with your unique voice, and watch as they transform from simple messages into profound expressions of your authority. Remember, each email holds the potential to be a spark that ignites curiosity, a bridge that connects seekers to your offerings, and a cornerstone upon which your authority is fortified.


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