Send Emails to your Members that Get Results

Do your emails get the attention and rapid response they deserve?

Here’s how to make sure your members read and answer your messages while they’re still fresh:


  • Grab them with your subject. The subject line should read like a compelling newspaper headline. One technique is to use the subject line to tell people what you want up front: “The Master Class is about to start!” for example, or “Did you miss the webinar?”


  • Limit yourself to one subject per message. Don’t overload members with questions and data. Single-topic emails are easier to answer than lengthy essays or questionnaires.


  • Have a “Call to Action.” Tell the reader what you need him or her to do—“Login to see your latest training”, or “Tell me your latest marketing win!” Specify whether you want a response to your email. If it’s not necessary, tell them.


  • Be consistent. Tracking emails is easier when you keep the same subject line.


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