Steal This Strategy!

Steal This Strategy!

Here is a strategy I encourage you to steal and use for yourself:  repurpose your email content and post it on social media.

Take your email copy and simply craft it in such a way that you can also post it on Facebook, or Twitter, or Instagram, or LinkedIn… wherever your right-fit member is hanging out.

For example, I recently wrote an email making the point that growing your business means asking the right questions. I sent this email out to my list. Then I thought, “You know, that’d be a really good post for my social media.”

I took that exact content, then edited it a bit to make it look like a post. I grabbed a little GIF image to go with it as a visual attention grabber, and ran it. Take your emails and put them on your social media.

You might say, “Scott, you know, the people on my social media are the same people on my email list.”

Here’s why you want to do this anyway. Have you checked your email open rates? It may be 20-25%. Let’s just be generous for a moment and say it’s 25%. That means only 1 out of every 4 people opened your email, which in turn means 3 out of 4 people did not see your brilliant content at all.

Here’s what I know… If I take that same email and put it out on social media, the 3 people who didn’t see it in email are far more likely to see it.

Therefore, when you market by email, plan to use that same content and recraft it so that it works as a Facebook post. Plus, you can do this for LinkedIn and all the other platforms immediately. Repurpose it for all your social media channels.

This one technique is going to dramatically expand the number of eyeballs you get on your marketing. Instead of having only a 20-25% open rate on your emails, you’re going to attract more people to your content via other channels.

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