The Biggest Mistake Membership Businesses Make When Marketing a Free Trial

I recently received an email from a Private Client – they made a huge mistake.  Honestly, it’s one I’ve told them not to do but it happened anyway.

What was it?

They didn’t remove current members from their marketing.  They promoted a trial membership to people who were already members!

You should not market your trial membership to your current members. Make sure that you segment your marketing list, your email list or however you are trying to reach your prospective members. Make sure you remove all of your current members from that list.

Now, maybe you’re doing a direct mail piece. If by chance your members get ahold of the trial membership opportunity, and they come to you and say something about it, create some sort of value for them. I would not suggest giving them the free trial you’re promoting, even if they ask for it. If they do ask, I like to reward them for the question, because I’m always trying to give people the best opportunity. Plus, I think the fact that they’re asking for it could say that they’re highly engaged in your membership program, so I would look for another opportunity.

In the past I have reminded members that they received a similar offer when they signed up so I can’t give them this offer- but I can provide them with a different opportunity. Create some sort of bonus, or other opportunity that they would be interested in. Not a reduced membership, but maybe a discount on an upgrade- whatever you do, definitely do not honor the trial membership for them.

The most important thing here is to honor the integrity of the trial membership. For you to give that trial membership when it’s not a “trial membership,” to somebody who’s already a member would violate the integrity of the offer. You don’t want them to continue to come back to you over and over again every time that they see a trial membership.

Point being; If you remove your current members out of the marketing process to begin with, you will avoid this headache.

Do you need to know what do after your Free Trial offer?

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