The Key to Getting New Members

Let’s talk about the key to getting new members.

The key to getting new members is clarity.

Where you see clouds, your prospects, they’re going to see fog. What’s cloudy for you is foggy for your prospects. Here’s what I mean by that:

Do you have a clear call-to-action? When you tell people on your membership site to sign up, is it clear? I’ve been to many membership sites, and one of my most common critiques is that not clear on how to sign up. You need to tell them WHERE to find the sign up form, you need to tell them HOW to complete the order form, you need to tell them WHAT to expect from their membership. If you skip this- you’re missing out on opportunities to bring in new members.

You need a CLEAR Call-to-Action.

Let me ask you this: When is the last time you went online and signed up on your own membership site? Have you walked through the entire sign up process from Name and Address to Credit Card information? If you haven’t done this yet, or it’s been a while- this is a MUST. Some of you could increase your membership rate just by going through your sign up process and making sure nothing requires guesswork.

Every time you put up a new product, membership level, or event- I want you to go through the sign up process yourself.

I’ve been to some membership websites where the signup process requires me to go to four different pages before I enter my information. The website will take me to “more information,” with a clear call-to-action to “sign up now,” but then I’ll end up on another “more information page” with instructions “if you’re ready to proceed, sign up now.” Finally I am taken to a page that has me enter my information but it only wants my name and email address- so then I’m taken to another page for my address and billing information. You can see how this could become increasingly frustrating for the prospect or new member.

And I’m not talking about an upselling process- That is a great tool, and a topic for another day. What I am talking about is a clear call-to-action. You need to make it easy to sign up. You need to have clarity.

There are number of other ways that you can bring clarity into getting new members. I wanted to focus you in on just you going through the process first. As you are testing this, and experiencing it first hand; I want you to ask yourself, is there a follow up? Not only do I want you to test the process yourself, I want you to find out if there is a follow up.

Recently, I went online and was actually looking for a few local vendors. I thought, you know what, I’m just going to submit their web form here requesting more information, and I’m going to see how long it take for them to get back to me. I tried two different vendors, and waited.

Do you think they contacted me? No. They didn’t even contact me. I was searching for this vendor, for a specific service. I went to their website, I submitted information, gave them my cell phone number, my email address, answered questions for them, put comments in their comment box, submitted the web form, and guess what happened? Nothing. No phone call, no email, nothing in the mail. They lost out on a sale, I wont join now.

Go to your own site … If you have a staff, I want you to test it. Just put your information in there and say, “Whoever gets this, contact me.” See how long it takes them to contact you or ask a friend to test it out and say, “Hey, I’m doing a test on my business, and I want you to go on my website and just fill out a form and shoot me an email or forward the email response to me or let me know if they called you.” Do an inspection on your own business and see what happens there.

For those of you who run the website, you’re the email, I want you to go in and just make sure that that email process works. Just because you set up that web form two years ago or six months ago, don’t assume that it’s working right now. I want you to set up periodic checkpoints to inspect your systems.

In short, the key to getting new members is clarity. Where you see clouds, your prospects will see fog. You need to lift the fog.

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