The Power of a Great Story

The Power of a Great Story

Here’s a quick tip to capture testimonies from your members..

Use a “Google Doc” and copy/paste every testimony and social media post into the doc.

A member of mine just emailed me told me how he used one of my strategies to bring $1,843 in sales and add 19 new members.

All while watching football on his Saturday afternoon.

He shot me an email and said:

“Not too shabby for hanging out watching football on a pretty Sat afternoon :-)”

Wouldn’t you agree?

Whenever I get emails like this, I just open up the Google Doc and copy and paste it right in. Sometimes I’ll even take a screenshot and paste the pic right into the doc.

That way, whenever I have a need for a testimony or potential members want to know what others have experienced, I have a full library of testimonies right there.

We now have hundreds of quotes and testimonies that people have shared with us.

We’re never at a loss when it comes to stories of how people’s lives are being changed and how others are multiplying their membership.

You can do the same!

And if you’re looking for more opportunities that you can get more members, here are four ways we can work together.

  1. Would you like to have an email swipe file that has generated seven figures in sales? This swipe file will give you our best-performing emails that you can swipe and make your own. Go here to get your swipe file.
  2. I run a fun Facebook group for “membership marketers” who want to grow & scale. Might be useful for you. Check it out here:
  3. Do you want to get more members in 4 days than you do all month without costing you a dime? I’m giving you the exact email templates, the timings, everything you need to simple “plug and profit” from all of my hard work learning and testing with hundreds of membership businesses over the years. Go here to learn more now!
  4. Are you interested in growing your membership by $10,000 in the next four weeks? One of my members just sold $10,000 in two weeks using our framework. If you’re interested in learning how just shoot me an email at scott<at> and put “MULTIPLY” in the subject line… tell me a little about your membership and what you’d like to work on together, and I’ll get you all the details!

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