The Three Core Beliefs of Marketing (and Why Your Membership Business Isn’t Growing)

Once the New Year has come and gone, I always like to sit down and take a look at my marketing strategy over the last few months. What worked? What didn’t? What turned a profit? What ideas do we need to throw out? How can we improve?

I’m not going to walk you through a new marketing plan for the year. Today we are going to walk through The Three Core Beliefs of Marketing.

First Belief: Marketing is the most important activity you can do for your business.

You really have to understand that marketing is the most important tool that you have in your membership business. Now, I understand that as a business owner you often go into your business and you want to produce, or you want to provide, or you want to give whatever tools, resources or services you provide. But as a business owner, what you really are is a marketer of those things. So, if you were to fill in the blanks here: “My business is _______” but in reality it’s “My business is a marketer of _______.”

Second Belief: Marketing is something you never finish learning.

It’s an ongoing education. Listen, I am a student of marketing. I have been able to be around some of the best marketers in the world. I have been able to spend coaching time with some of “The Greats” like Dan Kennedy. I am forever learning more about how to better market my membership business. You too, need to become a student of marketing. Some of you may need to seek an education in marketing, and it needs to be made a top priority! All over my site you will find tools and resources to become a better student of marketing.

Third Belief: There is a difference between ordinary and extraordinary income

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary income is implementation. You have to implement marketing into your business. You have got to 1) make marketing a priority, 2) become a student of marketing your business and then finally 3) use everything you have learned and really go at it!

Let’s go to work together and become marketers of our membership business, learn and implement as much as we can, as fast as we can!  Schedule a free 60-minute Discovery Call.  Just email my assistant Emily at  She’ll get you all the details.

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