The Ultimate Fix for Your Membership Business Problems

Regardless of the niche, regardless of the services you provide, you lead a membership business and a membership business is different from a customer business.

A customer-based business is a one and done. You get the customer and you hope that they come back, but with a membership business they’re saying, “I’m going to make an investment, and it’s going to be ongoing and you’re going to provide those services to me on an ongoing basis and I’m going to make that investment in you in an ongoing basis.” So you have to treat members different.

Now what I’m about to share with you actually comes from a coaching session that I did where I went in and I talked to them about how to create a membership culture within their business and I was training, their entire staff on thinking differently about their members.

One of the statements that I gave them that I want to give you, is there’s not a problem that your membership business faces, that new members can’t fix. So there’s not a problem that your membership business faces, that new members can’t fix, or can’t be fixed by increasing the retention of your current members. Here’s what I mean by that….

Let’s say you want to do a new marketing campaign and you want to go out and get new members. Well how are you going to pay for that? It’s not in the budget, it’s an idea that you want to try to do to reach new people and get new members. Well the way that you’re going to be able to do that, is by getting new members or increasing retention of your current members, or a higher-level strategy would be utilizing the ascension system is to create a new level of membership and get people to ascend. That investment that they’re making is then going to fund that marketing campaign.

Let’s say you want to do an event for your members. Well, it’s not in the budget, you don’t have the funds available for it. Well that event is going to be funded by new members, or increasing retention. Let’s say you want to get a raise, or you want to increase your own salary. Well the way that you do that is, you get new members or increase retention.

There’s not a problem that your membership business faces, that can’t be solved by your members.

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