The World’s Most Expensive Membership

The World's Most Expensive Membership

Want to know what the world’s most expensive membership is?

Chances are you’re probably paying for it.

It’s Netflix. . .

. . .now before you say, “How can my $8.99 subscription be the most expensive membership in all the world?”

True, it only costs you $8.99 per month to get it.

But it’s probably costing you 100k per year to watch it.

In the words of Jim Rohn, “It’s not owning a TV that’s expensive, it’s watching it that’s expensive.”

Full disclosure, I was listening to one of Jim’s trainings, and it got me thinking about all the things we waste our time on.

We make allowances for many of these sort of things that we think costs us nothing (i.e. Facebook) or very little.

But when you actually add it all up, the cost is not in the expense but in how your time could be leveraged.

Another really good one-liner, “You can be online but off track.”

You can go here to give it a listen.

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