Three Tips To Increase Retention

Three Tips To Increase Retention

Are you losing members?

Of course! It’s one of the unfortunate circumstances of having a coaching business.

Most just accept that it happens and move on to find new members.

However, serious coaches will find opportunities to keep members from quitting.

The profit for your coaching business is in the retention. When you increase your retention, you multiply your revenue from all members.

Here’s a simple tip to help you increase retention.

You can increase you retention by helping your members to BELIEVE, BELONG and BECOME.


In the quest to retain members and foster long-lasting relationships in your coaching business, one indispensable strategy stands out: instilling core beliefs. This initial pillar of member retention urges coaches to meticulously define the foundational principles they aim to instill in their clientele. It’s not enough to simply provide guidance and direction; the crux lies in creating a tangible and coherent set of beliefs that resonate with your coaching program’s goals.

To effectively implement this strategy, coaches must begin by identifying the core beliefs they wish their members to embrace. This might revolve around achieving a specific mindset or personal growth objectives. The key here is clarity: coaches need to articulate these beliefs explicitly, leaving no room for ambiguity. When your members are crystal clear about the fundamental principles guiding your coaching program, they are more likely to invest themselves fully, knowing precisely what they are working towards.

By making these core beliefs the cornerstone of your coaching approach, you create a powerful connection between your program and your members’ aspirations. When members understand how your coaching program aligns with their own values and desires, they are more likely to stay engaged, motivated, and committed. The journey of personal development and growth becomes more purposeful, and members can see a clear path to their desired outcomes. In essence, BELIEVE becomes the catalyst for transforming your coaching business into a platform for meaningful and transformative change, where members are driven by a shared set of beliefs and a united vision of success.

What are the core beliefs that you want your members to have? What mindset are you trying to help them achieve? How are you helping to be better? If you can’t articulate it, neither can your members. Your members have to have a set of beliefs that tie to your coaching program.


The bond between coach and member is pivotal. So is the bond between the member and other members. The second strategy, BELONG, takes center stage. This strategy revolves around the creation of a tight-knit and supportive community within your coaching program, fostering an environment where members genuinely feel like they belong.

To execute this strategy effectively, coaches need to go beyond the conventional role of instructors and become architects of relationships. Cultivating robust connections with your members is essential. Encourage open communication, active engagement, and genuine interaction. Your coaching program should not be a one-way street but a vibrant ecosystem where both coaches and members actively participate.

Furthermore, it’s essential to infuse your own personality into the coaching program. Be authentic, and let your unique qualities shine through. This personal touch humanizes the coaching experience, making it relatable and inviting. When members can see and connect with the real person behind the coaching, it fosters trust and camaraderie.

Ultimately, the BELONG strategy underscores the significance of creating a sense of belonging, creating a community for your high ticket membership offer that can’t be duplicated. When members feel they are part of a supportive community that understands their aspirations, challenges, and successes, they are more likely to remain committed. This sense of belonging can turn your coaching program into not just a place for personal development but a home where members find inspiration, encouragement, and a genuine connection with like-minded individuals.

How are you creating a community within your coaching program? How are you cultivating the relationship you have with your members? Are you projecting your own personality within your coaching program? If they don’t belong – they won’t stay. No one wants to go where they don’t feel like they belong.


The third cornerstone of enhancing member retention in your coaching business revolves around the strategy of BECOME. This strategy is all about helping your members see the tangible value of your coaching program, making it a transformative force in their lives. To achieve this, coaches must undertake a proactive role in recognizing and celebrating their members’ achievements while also acknowledging and addressing the obstacles they encounter along the way.

Central to this strategy is the act of recognition. Whether public or private, regular acknowledgment of your members’ accomplishments is essential for maintaining their motivation and overall satisfaction. When members see that their efforts and progress are not going unnoticed, it reinforces their commitment to the coaching program. Public recognition can be a powerful tool to boost a member’s sense of accomplishment and belonging within the community. It can inspire others and create a positive feedback loop of growth and achievement.

However, it’s equally important to recognize and address the obstacles and challenges your members face. This demonstrates empathy and a genuine commitment to their personal development. By acknowledging and helping members overcome hurdles, you position your coaching program as a valuable resource for their growth journey. When members feel that you are not just focused on their successes but also invested in their struggles, they are more likely to perceive the holistic worth of your coaching.

In essence, the BECOME strategy highlights that it’s not enough to provide guidance; you must actively show members how your coaching program is making them better, both by celebrating their wins and assisting them in surmounting obstacles. This comprehensive approach to member development reinforces their commitment and reinforces the belief that your coaching program is indispensable to their journey of self-improvement.

Are you helping your members see how they are better off with your coaching program? Are you recognizing their achievements? Are you recognizing their obstacles and how you can help?

These three integral strategies—BELIEVE, BELONG, and BECOME—lay the foundation for enhancing member retention and fostering lasting relationships within your coaching business.

Incorporating these strategies holistically, coaches can not only retain members but also empower them to realize their full potential. Together, BELIEVE, BELONG, and BECOME shape a coaching experience that transcends mere instruction, nurturing a thriving community of individuals dedicated to growth, transformation, and success.

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