Transforming Customers Into Members

Transforming Customers Into Members

What most separates a membership business from a “customer-based” business?

In my opinion, COMMUNITY.

I have yet to see a membership where there isn’t a community.

[Note: I make a distinction between subscriptions and memberships. No one says, “I’m a member of Netflix.” Or, “I’m a member of the Wall Street Journal.” That’s because those are clearly subscriptions. Subscriptions would be better served if they created a community.]

“Community is the greatest tool a membership business has. It is unique to every membership. It cannot be duplicated or copied.”
– Scott Whitaker

What makes a “customer” feel like a “member”? COMMUNITY!

For example, think about a gym membership.

  • CrossFit
  • Crunch Fitness
  • Iron Tribe
  • Orange Theory
  • Gold’s Gym
  • LA Fitness
  • The Zoo
  • Planet Fitness
  • Equinox Fitness Club

Every single one of these (and the many others not listed) have their own community. They have their own identity. They create members under their community.

I dare you to challenge a member of CrossFit, telling them why Orange Theory is better. Or vice versa. Those businesses create loyal members, a fiercely devoted community.

My friend, Dan Kennedy, says, “Build an iron fence around your herd to keep the poachers out.” In context, he’s talking about your members. Your members make up your herd. And in order for you to have longevity in your membership there must be an “iron fence.”

This means you must create a community where your herd will gather, desire to stay, and have their needs met.

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