Waiting To Say, “Sign Me Up!”

Waiting To Say, "Sign Me Up!"

Would you believe that people are just waiting to sign up for your membership?

They’re waiting to say, “sign me up.”

The other day I was talking with one of our mastermind members, Jeff. He’s got a solid membership business and delivers a ton of value to his members.

His biggest challenge – getting more members.

He has an audience and communicates with them on a regular basis.

During our conversation, it became obvious to me that he’s got a number of people who are just waiting.

They’re waiting for the right opportunity to join, the right opportunity to say, “Yes! Sign me up.”

I gave Jeff one of our sales strategies, coached him on how to use it and BOOM!

He immediately got a reply saying, “I’m so in!”

By the end of the day, he received five more requests.

And it was all from one simple email. (No sales page, no webinar, no Facebook ads, just one simple email.)

When it comes to multiplying your membership, there are four possible responses that people can have.

1. YES!

2. No.

3. Not right now…

4. Maybe???

What are you doing to get a “YES”?

Most people try to “sell” their membership. And let’s face it, nobody likes to be sold.

Instead of selling your membership, why not:

  • Invite people into your membership. That’s what Jeff did. He created a simple invite and gave people the opportunity to respond (via email.) Instead of selling his membership, people were literally replying and telling him yes, they’re in.
  • Give people an opportunity to experience your membership. Your audience doesn’t know what all they will receive when they join your membership. Your members most likely don’t even know all they receive with their membership. So why not give people an opportunity to first experience the membership and then decide if it’s something they want to join. Allow your prospects to put the membership to the test and make sure it’s a right fit.
  • Demonstrate the benefits of your membership. People aren’t as interested in your membership site, your tools, your resources, your trainings, your events, your masterclasses, your livecasts, your… You get the point. They want to know, “How will this benefit me?” They want to know that the membership will get them the benefit they desire.

People are waiting on you…

They’re waiting on you to give them the right reason to say YES! to your membership.

It’s as simple as making an invitegiving an opportunity or demonstrating the benefits.

And when you do, they’ll finally say, YES!

If you’re interested in learning more about how we may be able to make this happen for you, just shoot me an email.

Just like we did for Jeff, we’ll look at all the possibilities of helping you multiply your membership, develop a plan and guide you to make it happen.

We only take on people we’re confident we can help get results.

Email me at scott<at>membershipmultipliers.com and we’ll get the conversation started.

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