What To Do When People Stop Taking Your Membership

What To Do When People Stop Taking Your Membership

One of the most common reasons that people don’t take your membership is because you’re making them an offer.

Stop “offering” your membership.

And do this instead:

Turn your membership offer into an opportunity!

You see when you make an offer…

  • The offer is more about you and less about your prospective member.
  • It’s “your offer” and what YOU have for them.
  • The offer is all about what you have to provide.
  • That’s what an offer is. It’s about you saying, “I have this… do you want it?”
  • The offer says, “Look at this!”
  • Offers make themselves look appealing. “Shiny gold objects” that marketers try to get people to chase after.

Turn your “offers” into “opportunities!”

Opportunities are all about your prospective member.

An opportunity simply says to your prospect: “This membership is all about you.”

  • Your hopes
  • Your desires
  • Your wants
  • Your needs
  • Your outcome

And that’s the opportunity a membership provides.

So, stop selling it like an offer and make it an opportunity.

Make your marketing all about what your prospective member can get and less about what you have to offer.

When you do this, people will desire your membership.

My manta: Never have an offer, always have an opportunity!

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