What You Can Learn from Cadillac

Would you like a Cadillac Membership?

No, I’m not talking about some new level – Gold, Diamond, Cadillac.

I’m talking about a real membership with Cadillac, the car company.

I wanted to pass along an article to you where Cadillac is entering the membership/subscription business with their “Cadillac Book Service.”

For $1500 a month, you can get a Cadillac. The commitment is month to month and no need for insurance or taxes.

Since this is not a lease you can get a new Cadillac up to 18 times a year.

And if you get in an accident, just pay the $750 deductible and Cadillac will take care of the rest.

Just order your Cadillac straight from your phone and they’ll deliver it to you.

What can you and I learn from Cadillac?

The lesson isn’t so much in the fact that Cadillac is entering the membership business. It’s the WHY behind they’re decision to enter the membership business.

The article says “[Cadillac] BOOK fills a gap between traditional ownership (leasing, financing, buying) and the efficient, but less personal aspect of rental, car- and ride-sharing (Hertz, Zipcar, Uber/Lyft).”

What “gap” does your membership fill?

Every membership must fill a gap or hole that is void in the life of a member.

When your membership doesn’t close the gap, current members quit and new membership drops.

When your membership overflows the gap and overwhelms members, they quit.

You have to constantly fill the gap but by just the right amount so you don’t overwhelm.

When your membership program has healthy systems, you have a healthy membership program.

There are Seven Systems that exist in every membership program:

Assimilation System
How you move people from prospects to fully-engaged members in your program

Marketing System
How you attract prospects with your marketing.

Content System
How you plan, implement and evaluate your membership program.

Retention System
How to get members to stay for the long-haul

Ascension System
Developing levels to move members upward and downward to prevent cancellations and increase profits.

Strategy System
How to constantly evaluate and improve your membership program.

Leadership System
Growing businesses are led by growing leaders.

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