When Members Become Mannequins (and How to Reengage Them)

The Mannequin Challenge – if you haven’t heard (or seen it yet) it’s taking the internet by storm. Think flash mob but with people posing like mannequins.

Seeing people standing still for long periods of time – reminds me of what happens in a lot of membership programs.

People join, take some quick action but then all the sudden they stand still with their membership. They’re frozen in place but they’re still members.

So, what do you do? How do you reengage members in your membership program without making them feel guilty for not doing anything?
Here are some best practices for getting members to reengage with your membership program:

  • Conduct a survey: Ask for their feedback, have them share their ideas, find out their pain points, update their profile, etc. You get the idea – have them engage with you via a survey.
  • Give them a reward: Give them a free resource, make some benefit only available – but “only for members”.
    By the way, a discount to buy or gift card for your resources is not a reward. The reward must have no strings attached to buying something from you.
  • Break the cycle: Most likely your members are used to hearing from you at a specific time, via a specific medium and a specific day. Break the cycle of how you communicate to them. Send them a note instead of email. Send them something you found interesting and apply it to them.

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