Why People Cancel Their Membership

Why People Cancel Their Membership

After growing a membership business to over 3,127 members, you will hear all sorts of reasons for canceling. Some I knew were true and some sure did sound like a made-up story just so the member could cancel.

However, after hearing hundreds of reasons for people canceling their membership, I’ve found that there are usually three general reasons people cancel.

People Cancel Their Membership Because:

  • They’re in trouble

The trouble could present itself in several ways, but is most often dealing with the member’s finances, marriage, job, or health. You’ve probably heard people say they need to cancel due to money or budget cuts, not to mention people losing a job, going through a divorce, or experiencing some sort of health crisis.

Psychologically, what they’re experiencing is the member-ship being an added source of stress and the only way to decrease that stress is to cancel the membership altogether.

  • Going through transition

Transitions can come in the form of:

  • Relocation
  • Stage of life (just graduated, married, new child, retired)
  • New job

When someone is transitioning, they’re having to realign their priorities or their environment. In doing so, it may make it difficult for the membership to “fit” into this new arrangement of priorities.

  • Under some sort of tension

This tension can be felt through:

  • Spouse or boss no longer wants them to have the membership
  • Job stress
  • Increased responsibilities

If you really believe your membership can help people…

If you really want to change lives…

Then HOW DARE YOU let a member quit!

Is it possible that your membership could be the one thing that helps this person through the trouble, transition, or tension?

If not the one thing, could it be one of many things that helps?

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