You Are Making An Impact

You Are Making An Impact
With all the negativity and emotions flowing this week, I hope you’ll take some time to consider the impact you’re having on your members.
You are making a difference in the lives of the members you lead.
I have the privilege of working with so many different membership businesses and leaders and you’re one of them.
As I look over my audience, I see people like you, leading memberships like…
Business Coaches & Consultants:
You’re helping people find fulfillment in their workplace. They’re experiencing greater meaning because of the coaching and consulting you provide. In return, the happiness they experience is now passed along to the people in their sphere of influence.
Wealth and Finances:
You’re helping people achieve their financial goals, get out of debt, have a better retirement, increase their generosity as they build wealth. They’re able to experience the freedom that comes from getting out of debt and help others through their generosity. In return, they’re passing along to others out of their own abundance.
You’re helping people craft their message, articulate their purpose and build their business. By helping people market their business, you’re providing a livelihood that enables them to achieve their goals, both personal and professional. In return, they’re able to serve more people and get their products and services into the hands of people who need them most.
Health and Wellness:
You’re helping people lose weight, get fit and eat healthy so they can have a longer life. But not just that, you’re helping people have a more positive self-image regardless of their physical body, you’re helping people to see that the value of their life is beyond the physical and how they look. In return, they’re able to have healthier relationships and be around longer to love and serve the people closest to them.
Marriage and Relationships:
You’re helping restore broken marriages and have healthier relationships. You’re helping people overcome their own hurts and break the cycle of hurting others. You’re helping people experience the joy, happiness and fulfillment that comes from sharing life with someone in the most intimate ways. In return, they’re able to break generational curses and help others experience better and healthier relationships.
Hobbies and Skills:
You’re helping people discover new talents abilities and achieve personal goals. You’re giving people an outlet to relieve stress, expand their thinking, improve their mobility and push themselves in ways they wouldn’t otherwise. In return, they’re able to have a greater sense of accomplishment, they’re able to believe in their own ability and encourage others to do the same.
YOU ARE making an impact!
So this week, take a moment, reflect on the impact that your membership is having. Pull out the list of your members, your audience, the people in your sphere of influence and recognize the value that only you can bring to others.
Thank you for allowing me to do the same for you. Whether we’ve met or not, you’ve joined my audience and I don’t take that for granted. Thank you for allowing me to have a voice in helping you get more members so that you can serve more people.
Together, let’s continue to impact more people through membership. In doing so, we’ll impact others for the good and make this world a little better place to live.


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