You Do NOT Want Everyone

You Do NOT Want Everyone

The only thing worse than putting out your membership and not getting people to take it is putting out your membership and getting the wrong people to join… because those people will cancel. And when you’re in startup mode, any cancelation will cause you to doubt yourself.

You’ll start doubting your expertise, doubting the content you provide to your membership, doubting whether you should even be doing this. All sorts of doubt will creep in if you fail to attract your right-fit members.

I cannot stress this to you enough. Follow this process step-by-step. Put in the work.

That way, you’ll have total confidence that you are attracting your right-fit audience, members who will stay (and not cancel), and that what you’re providing them is actually what they desire.

Right-Fit Members Stay Longer

When somebody is a good fit for your membership, they will stay longer; you’ll have a higher retention rate.

Right-Fit Members Engage More

The people you were truly meant to serve will engage more with your community. They’ll engage more with your content, your services, and with all that you are providing your membership.

Take note, however, just because people may not engage in every aspect of your offering, it doesn’t mean they’re not a right-fit member. Introverts tend not to engage socially, or to have a smaller sphere of friends and colleagues. They may sit in the “back row” or in “the corner.” But even right-fit introverts will engage with some aspect of your content or services.

Right-Fit Members Are Excited

I love it when I get to talk to new members and hear their excitement for what’s going to happen. You can sense it in their words and mannerisms.

With right-fit members, you almost don’t even have to convince them to join. They raise their hands saying, “Hey, I’m interested in joining your membership.”

You’ll see their excitement almost immediately.

Right-Fit Members Achieve More

When you have successfully attracted your right-fit members, you will notice that these people achieve the outcome your membership provides.

That’s one of your goals, right? You want to help others achieve the outcome your membership delivers.

Right-fit members will achieve it. They’ll utilize your training. You’ll see their success. They will overcome various challenges. You’ll see them bragging about all the things happening inside their life or inside their business – because they’re achieving the outcomes that your membership provides.

Your Right-Fit Members Will Surprise You

Once you launch, you may be surprised at who joins your membership. What do I mean by that?

Well, every now and then it does happen that you discover something you didn’t expect about the people who actually join your membership – they’re different from who you thought would join.

That’s fine. It’s possible. It can happen. It doesn’t always happen, but it absolutely might.

And if that does happen? Then go after who you reach!

Stop trying to pursue those people who aren’t attracted to your membership and start going after the ones you are reaching. They’re the people who are excited about your membership and who you’re going to be best able to help.

Hopefully, you can see the value of getting this right.

In the next step, we’ll see how to attract your right-fit members, because I want you to have a clear picture of who you’re setting out to attract, while being open to the possibility that if you reach a different audience, you can still pivot and direct your membership toward that audience instead.

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