You Must Commit to Accelerating Your Membership

You Must Commit to Accelerating Your Membership

The first time I tried to build a membership business, I didn’t have a clue as to what to do.

I didn’t have these accelerators that I’ve outlined in my book. I didn’t have the numerous other accelerators that I’ve shared with my private clients and members. I didn’t have the tools and templates that I’m sharing with you here

I’ve already given you a number of ways to grow your membership business. And although I’ve given you a number of next steps, the quickest way to accelerate your membership is to visit my website and become a member.

I constantly tell my members that my business is on full display. You get to see and experience first-hand how to run a membership business by joining mine.

If I don’t practice what I preach, my members will be the first to call me out on it. Unlike many other consultants and “gurus,” I’ve got a true membership business. I’m not just preaching to others about what they should do, I’m doing it myself. 

When I make a mistake, my members get to learn from it so they can avoid the pain and costly error in their own business.

And at the same time, they get to implement the proven methods in their business and have me by their side to help them get more members.

At this point, you really have two decisions:

1. You can continue to go about your membership business through “trial and error.”

It’s a valid method. It’s a method that has unfortunately cost me the most money. I didn’t have the benefit of learning from someone who is solely focused on helping me get more members and increase my recurring revenue. 

I get it. It’s a default circumstance for many people. Not to mention, you may have had your trust broken by others who promised you results but failed.

However, it’s been my experience, and the experience of many of my members before coming to me, that the “trial and error” method will:

Cost you more time. You may reach your goal, but you most likely won’t do it in the time that you’re capable of doing because you don’t have a proven process.

Cost you more money. Right now, you’re losing out on lost members. You’re losing by not being able to help them, and you’re losing on the monthly recurring revenue. For every month that goes by, it’s lost revenue.

2. You can take my proven accelerators and implement them in your membership.

From what I’ve discovered there has yet to be a membership or association that hasn’t been able to get more members, or even double or triple their membership using what I share with my members. 

These accelerators work!

You’re invited to become a member of the only membership that exists just for membership businesses and associations. 

Join the community and get real-time feedback on your membership business from people who are in the trenches, just like you!

Most have found that they recoup their investment with just a couple of new members joining their membership.

You get recurring revenue! The members I get you in the first month should more than pay for the membership. Not to mention the members you’re going to continue to get in the months to follow.

So, let’s make it happen! Let’s accelerate your membership so that you can achieve all that your membership business was intended to accomplish.

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