Your Members and New Year Resolutions

I’ve got an important question for you – and it’s NOT about your New Year’s resolution.

It’s about your members!

Your members are making resolutions for the New Year. They’ve got problems in their life and business that they want solved.

So here’s the question:

Will your membership program help them reach their desired outcome?

This is an important question for many reasons. Most important reason –

Your members may not be around after the New Year if your membership program doesn’t give them their desired outcome

Think about it! What are the problems your members face or avoidance of pain they seek? And what is your membership program doing about it?

If your membership program doesn’t offer some sort of solution to your member’s resolutions this New Year they make look for a fresh start, something new and QUIT YOUR MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM!

So as we head into the New Year make sure your members know that your program will help them achieve their desired outcome.

If it doesn’t – improve your program so that it does!

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