Your Secret Audience Formula

Your Secret Audience Formula

Here’s what I know:

  • You genuinely have a desire to help people achieve their purpose in life, whatever that may be.

Anyone who runs a membership must have a genuine interest in making other people’s lives better. Whether that means making their businesses better, or their relationships better, or their financial situation better, you are invested in helping people make positive change.

There are three essential truths when it comes to your membership and which specifically pertain to your right-fit members.

Truth #1: Your Coaching Program is NOT All Things to All People

Even though there may be another business coach targeting the exact same audience as you, there is a certain segment of that audience who will never join that other person’s coaching program.

Even if that audience desires the exact outcome this coach promises, it may be that they just don’t feel a connection to that person or to their program.

It will be the same for you. This is why you and your membership can’t be all things to all people. You’re going to naturally attract a certain group or target audience. And that’s okay. Don’t bend on this. Recognize that you are best able to serve a very specific group of people.

Truth #2 – It’s About Acknowledging WHO You Can Serve Best

Realizing that you can’t serve everyone doesn’t mean that all people can’t benefit from your membership. In fact, it will be more than likely that they can. By merely acknowledging the reality of who you’re best able to serve, the attraction will be stronger, and those outside the tightest parameters will self-select to join with an understanding of the outcome your membership provides.

For example, one of my clients, Lisa Phillips, is the founder of Affordable Real Estate Investments. She coaches people on how to build wealth by investing in real estate. If you were looking to invest in vacation properties, then her coaching program is not for you. If you’re interested in flipping houses, then her coaching program is not for you.

Her coaching program is specifically tailored for “African American Professionals to build profitable rental property portfolios.” Her members are typically first-generation college educated, first-generation white collar, who have a desire to build wealth through investing in minority neighborhoods.

And if that wasn’t specific enough, her coaching offer reaches out to African Americans who want to invest in minority neighborhoods… to help make them a better community.

That is her audience.

As a Caucasian male, I’d be welcomed in her membership but I’m not her target market. Even though I’m the one who helped her discover her right-fit member.

Your membership ought to be the same way. It doesn’t mean that all people can’t benefit. It’s just that you will know who you’re best able to serve.

Truth #3 – This Isn’t About Turning Anyone Away

Lisa would never turn anyone away from her membership. You’re not going to refuse someone from joining yours (although there are a few this may be an option for).

You will more than likely pick up some people along the way who aren’t your best-fit members. I’m not suggesting you cancel their memberships, but I do want you to know that you need to be very targeted on who you’re best able to serve. This enables you to better sell and serve your members as a whole.

When you have clarity on who you’re best able to serve, then it provides clarity for how to serve them. If suddenly you get members outside of this zone, then you’re likely to start questioning yourself, your content, and perhaps even your expertise.

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