How to Get New Members for FREE

Membership businesses struggling with a low income most likely have some kind of problem connected to their methods of generating leads. While businesses can make use of many methods to generate new leads, small or struggling membership businesses would be well advised to stick to two or three in order to become proficient and thus more profitable with them. One … Read More

Creating a “WOW!”

What makes a new member go from saying “I just signed up for this membership…” to saying “I’m a member of…” What makes them move from a transaction (buying the membership) to interaction (identifying with the membership)? One of the tools that you can use to increase your retention is to create a “Wow Gift” for your new members. But … Read More

Grow Your Membership Without Losing Steam

Membership Business Owners can easily slip into the habit of controlling every aspect of their membership when their organization or team is small. Then, as it expands, they may have trouble giving up their authority over every decision and task. That causes problems with employees and members alike. As your organization grows, be prepared for these potential trouble spots: Time … Read More

How to Close More Membership Sales With One Simple Tweak

There are a number of ways in which memberships can help to improve their sales, all of which essentially boil down to implementing strategies that genuinely work and help their salespeople to achieve success. One such method is to begin to focus on pitching outcomes rather than products. Getting the opportunity to pitch to someone capable of making the decision … Read More

The Most Common Membership Marketing Mistake

(Stop This And You Can Add More Members Than Ever Before!) Mistakes happen, but the good news that when it comes to marketing your membership business, the great majority of serious errors can be avoided with a bit of discipline and careful planning. One of the most common errors made by membership marketers is attempting to be everything to everybody. … Read More

How to Turn Social Media into a Marketing Machine

(without it becoming a wasteland of mindless chatter!) Social media plays a crucial role in marketing in the modern world, being free, fast and ubiquitous in nature. Membership Businesses should not concern themselves with asking if they need to engage with social media – because the answer is yes – so much as finding the best methods with which to … Read More

How to Leverage LinkedIn to Grow Your Membership (For FREE!)

LinkedIn is one of the greatest channels offered by social media in terms of membership sales, with around half a billion people who make use of the site, making it a strong sales channel for any business. Finding leads is considerably less daunting for those who know how to properly navigate the site and make use of its advanced settings. … Read More

How to Create Goals that Create New Members

You won’t be able to advance your membership business unless you’re working toward goals. Setting goals that will inspire and motivate you is crucial. Aim for goals that are: Quantifiable.You should be able to measure success in objective terms, so everyone can see the value of your efforts. Challenging.If it’s too easy, chances are your objective won’t have significant impact … Read More